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This website is intended to share information on Hemorrhoids in a very concise question and answer format and recommend a product that can cure Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are turning into more common problem in today's world and it apparent to have basic knowledge on little bit of everything. I will make sure not to bombard with useless garbage explaning things that people dont want to read about.

What are Hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoids are one of the most embarrassing health problem people do not feel comfortable talking about (partly because it is a matter of private health condition). Hemorrhoids can happen at any age, usually prevalent after 30 years of age. However, Hemorrhoids condition is not a life threatening situation. First of all, what are Hemorrhoids?

To put it in simple words, Hemorrhoids also referred as "Piles" are an inflammation or swelling of a tissue at the lower rectum and anus. Obviously no one wants to reveal that they are having REAL pain in the butt and it is completely understandable why it is not so comfortable to talk about hemorrhoids openly. Hemorrhoids are definitely a complete social embarrassment situation.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

- Itching around anal area.
- Bleeding: during bowel movement covered in feces and on toilet paper.
- Swelling around anal area with irritation and pain.
- A lump or swelling in case of external hemorrhoid.
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Causes of Hemorrhoids

In layman terms, hemorrhoids are caused due to too much pressure on internal walls (tissue) of lower rectum/anus. Well, what does that mean? Umm... I don't want to confuse with more technical medical data on Hemorrhoids. To understand it better, just imagine how you get swell on your head (scalp) when you accidently hit with a window or any hard object – it is because of too much pressure at that point. It is same thing with hemorrhoids, too much pressure at rectum happening constantly leading to internal tissue/veins to stretch causing hemorrhoids. Below is the list of possible causes -

- Constipation: Means no free bowel movement on regular basis. Usually applying lot of pressure to push feces causing rupture around walls of rectum.

- Persistent diarrhea.

- Sitting long hours at one spot (happens with people working on computers) without taking breaks.

- Overweight: excess weight around belly and hips may put lot of pressure.

- Pregnancy and labor.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be internal or external (a lump outside anus) or combination of both. Most people with internal hemorrhoids don’t know that they have hemorrhoids because they are usually not associated with pain. However, they bleed when gets irritated.

How to prevent Hemorrhoids?

This is very important, I hope you will find this information useful. A few changes in daily lifestyle can help keeping hemorrhoids away. These changes can be applied during early hemorrhoid symptoms. Preventing hemorrhoids is usually tied to dietary habits; the key is to have a trouble free bowel movement -

1) Drink good amount of water every day - 3 to 4 liters/day. Lack of fluid content in body can lead to hard stool preventing free bowel movement - it means pressure needs to be applied during bowel movement causing rupture in rectum, which leads to swelling and pain.

2) Fiber content food: Fiber acts as a scrubber inside our body to clean stomach/intestine walls and aides in free bowel movement. By not taking required fiber content in our diet, the food digested can get clogged/stuck in intestines leading to constipation. I remember my roommate taking psyllium husk fiber before going to bed, he had constipation problem (not anymore). You can eat fiber content food or intake fiber supplements available in stores.

3) Exercise: This is very important and everyone should do some sort of physical activity irrespective of if he/she has hemorrhoids or not. At least light running every morning should be good enough.

4) Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes. Tight clothes/underwear can cause irritation and poor muscle tone. This may aid in hemorrhoid development.

5) Do not put stress/strain during bowel movement. If in doubt that you may need to put lot of strain, just drink at least one liter of water in the morning – that should do some help.

6) Take breaks if you need to sit for long hours. Practice good posture and do stretching in between breaks.

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What is the cure for hemorrhoids?

The above prevention steps will be helpful to alleviate/ease the irritation caused by hemorrhoids. Types of hemorrhoids treatment -

- Home remedies: Varies by culture- usually using of natural herbs, pain relieving treatments and bathtub therapy.

- Surgery: Worst possible situation to get surgery done on hemorrhoids and the outcome is not always 100% happy ending.

- Medication: Pain relievers, ointments, creams and pills.
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